Our Elders (Seniors) and people living with a disability need us more than ever. As we were distributing free groceries for the past months, we came across Elders (Seniors) and people living with a disability who, although they appreciate the gestures of kindness, informed us that cooking is difficult for them. 

         We are cooking meals for Elders (Seniors)  and folks who are unable to cook due to medical challenges or a disability. Meals for Hope also provides meals to families facing great financial challenges and who do not have access to a cooking facility while awaiting housing. 

We have joined forces and are preparing meals every day; but we need your support. With just 7$ you can help us feed more people.

        Once a week, we make two deliveries to Front-Line workers who put their lives at risk so that we can stay safe.

         We also continue to support families and individuals who need it most by delivering free grocery boxes at their doorstep.

         We have joined forces with local restaurants and with community organizations to better assist vulnerable members of our society who are unable to cook due to physical restrictions and some of our front-liners who are working hard every day so that we can remain safe.

         As you all know, the COVID-19 crisis has affected a lot of people who were already facing great challenges. 

         This Cooked Meals program "For our Vulnerable loved ones, with love" will allow us to support members of our community who needs it most and encourage local restaurants partaking in this initiative. 


         If you know a person who can benefit from this service, please refer them to our website or contact us and it will be our pleasure to serve them.

Remember that this shall pass! Let's stay resilient, positive and let's continue to support and help one another.

         We thank you from the bottom of our heart for donating and helping us help others.

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