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A testimony from one of our volunteer


I was taking a small break from delivering meals, I came across a very hard working 15 -year-old. From our very first interaction, I felt something different. This young man was very mature...more mature than most 15-year-old I know! I asked him and his friends what they were doing outside during this pandemic and he explained to me that he was working to support his mother. Every thing that this kid does is to support his mother.

I did not want to make any of them feel uncomfortable so I told them "hey, I volunteer with Meals For Hope. If ever you know any one or family who need food during this time, please don't hesitate to reach out". The kid responded "You are looking at them right now!" This really touched my heart.

His work ethic, his manners, his politeness made me want to learn more about his story. The next day, I walked back to the place where I met him in hopes that I will find him and I did. I asked him for his mother's address to drop food boxes. He gave me the address and while he was at work, I made my way to his mother's place. I have never witnessed the level of attitude of gratitude that this woman exhibited when she received the food. She was happily surprised to receive the food and started crying tears of joy while thanking God.

She shared with me that this morning she was praying and asking God to assist her sons and her with food as they were running low.

When I went home, all I wanted to do was to surprise this woman and do something really special for this family through a special operation that we called Operation SK, in honor of a hard working mother who continuously gives back to the community.

See, we may not have much but when we come together as a community, we always have more than enough! I wrote a call for food and home items donations on Facebook and the response was incredible. We have received over 100 items for this family. From food, to a new sofa set, to a new Queen size bed and mattress for the mom. We brought a part of the items on Sunday and we will bring the rest on Wednesday! On Sunday, we made our way to her place and this was by far, one of the most touching moment for me and every single volunteer who helped out that day! This Wednesday, we will bring the rest of the items to this awesome and very deserving family!

Words are never enough to say thank you! Volunteering for this initiative has uplifted me in ways that I cannot even describe. I am forever grateful to be in a position to gift what each one of you contribute to others with a team of awesome volunteers and restaurants who consistently do what they can to meet the needs of others.  Thank you to every one on the team at Meals for Hope and all the Donors!

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