Our mission is to ensure that no person ever fears not having food; not being able to have a meal during this challenging COVID-19 period. 
We are cooking meals for Elders (Seniors)  and folks who are unable to cook due to medical challenges or a disability. Meals for Hope also provides meals to families facing great financial challenges and who do not have access to a cooking facility while awaiting housing. We continue to help deliver free groceries boxes to those who need it most.
Twice a week, we deliver meals to our local heroes, the Front-Liners (medical staff, janitors, folks who keep our city going while we stay safe at home) to show them appreciation and encourage them.

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Local restaurants in Ottawa are joining forces to ensure that no one ever fears not having a hot meal or food during this challenging COVID-19 period.

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Give today to help us help those who need it most. With just 7$ you can sponsor a meal.

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